Microsoft Authenticator recently discontinued support for the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch

Release notes for Microsoft Authenticator say that the app has been removed from the Apple Watch. The company notes that mirrored alerts from iPhone to Apple Watch may still continue without any problem.

Microsoft Authenticator for the iOS is primarily used to sign into Microsoft accounts via two-step verification. In 2018, the company added a companion app for the Apple Watch. However, a few years later Microsoft announced that the app will be discontinued in 2023. The company did not say if Authenticator will be coming back in the future.

Microsoft Authenticator is the latest app to be discontinued within the Apple Watch ecosystem. WatchOS apps typically drop out if it doesn’t have enough user adaptation, or if the app is a perceived redundancy. Other notable third-party apps that have dropped from the App Store include Uber, Hulu, Slack, Trello, Target, Instagram, and Twitter.


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