Apple Watch saves Oklahoma teen’s life

Abhay Ram
By Abhay Ram  - News Editor
iPhone 11 and Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch turned out to be a hero (a life saviour) once again. A middle school student received a notification on his Apple Watch stating that his heart rate was high. The student was at a state of rest – seated in class and its unusual to have a high heart rate of 190 BPM.

The student took the alert seriously and instantly texted his mother regarding the same. “I got a text message along with a screenshot of his heart rate that was 190,” reported the teenager’s mother. “The following message saying, mommy, there’s something wrong. I’m not doing anything.”

iPhone 11 and Apple Watch Series 5
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It has been reported that the teenager did not suffer from any heart related issues previously. Thanks to the family’s quick reaction to the notification – after going to the hospital and getting himself checked; the teen has been diagnosed with Supraventricular Tachycardia (SVT).

Apple Watch helps take quick action

After identifying the condition, the teen reportedly spent nearly eight hours in the hospital for a surgery to normalize the heart rhythm. If not for Apple Watch, we do not know what would have happened, these conditions require quick action and most people do not take things seriously without warnings.

The teen is now reportedly normal and has returned to his previous lifestyle. He had to go through a few tests post surgery and his heart rhythm was monitored while he played football. Apple Insider reports that the kid has returned to “full health”.

It was Oklahoma’s News 4 that first reported the Apple Watch saving the teen incident. The teen will reportedly become the face of the Oklahoma American Heart Association Heart Walk which is to be held on the 25th of April. The teen has recommended every single person to wear an Apple Watch to keep themselves aware of their heart health.

In the past, Apple has used similar stories to create awareness videos.

By Abhay Ram News Editor
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