Apple Watch Series 4 has been making waves since it was launched due to built-in features such as ECG monitoring and Fall Detection. Recently, a 48 year old dad was alerted to multiple low resting heart rate notices, which prompted him to get a potential life-saving surgery to have it fixed.

Apple Watch Series 5

Paul Hutton was getting warnings due to low heart rate via his Apple Watch. After consulting with his doctor, Hutton was asked to remove caffeine in his diet. When that didn’t work, he went to see a specialist who confirmed ventricular bigeminy, where his heart was performing less efficiently.

The surgical procedure, called cardiac abalation was conducted on Hutton, where doctors burned small areas of faulty tissue. After the operation, his heart rate returned to normal and everything was well.

High & Low heart rate alerts are available since Apple Watch 1. Newer health-related features for the Apple Watch include Fall Detection and the ECG app.


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