Apple Watch sales hit an all time high in India

The iPhone XR helped skyrocket the sales of Apple devices in India. However, it appears that it’s not just the iPhone that’s performing well in the country but also other products such as the Apple Watch and the Mac.

In September, Apple launched the Watch Series 5 which offers substantially new features compared to the previous generations. The company now sells the Apple Watch Series 5 at the same price as the Series 4. Also, the prices of the previous generation Apple Watch Series has dramatically been reduced.

Apple Watch Series 4

Series 3 is the most popular

As a result, the sales of the Apple Watch have picked up by a large number. The Apple Watch Series 3 is the most popular version of the Watch as it costs the lowest in the company’s smartwatch catalogue. Specifically, it’s the non-cellular version which is the most popular in India, according to Upasana Joshi, Associate Research Manager, Client Devices, IDC India.

“The previous generation model continues to drive majority volumes with an attractive price drop on Series 3 GPS (now starting at ₹20,900) during the festive quarter. We expect this momentum to continue in the coming few quarters,” said Joshi.

Apple Watch Series 3
Apple Watch Series 3 [Image Credits: Jon Rettinger on YouTube]

The Apple Watch Series 3 now sells for Rs. 20,000 which is the best deal one could get on the premium watch. For comparison, the new Apple Watch Series 5 costs Rs. 40,000 which is exactly double the price of the Series 3.

Apple has priced its watches strategically at different price brackets, allowing buyers to choose the smartwatch based on their liking and the required functionalities. Apple also sells cellular enabled smartwatches in India but they seldom spark any interest as people find less or no use of the feature at all.

Apple continues to strategize its operations in India as it understands the importance of grabbing a big piece of the world’s second most populous country’s market share.