Apple Watch saves life of a Malaysian resident


Apple products are expensive but they are so for a reason. They do almost all the same things a cheaper product from a different company would do but in most cases, they do it better. Similar is the case with the Apple Watch, its an expensive product – the latest generation Series 5 Apple Watch starts at $399.

Kentucky Woman Saved From AFib By Her Apple Watch

However, a lot of users have found the “emergency” features of the smartwatch to be extremely useful in a lot of conditions. The Apple Watch has saved a lot of lives suffering from ailments related to the heart, people involved in accidents, etc. A new story from Malaysia brings the importance of Apple Watch to new heights.

A 30 year old Kuala Lumpur resident Farhan Haniff – a freelance architect who bought the expensive Apple Watch. Of course, he did not know that in the future, the device will save his life.

The Apple Watch’s heart rate sensor alerted Farhan as his heart beats per minute were going above 120. He had reportedly travelled in an airplane around the same time and thought it had something to do with that. However, the Apple Watch reportedly did not stop pushing notification to Farhan and he finally reset his watch.

The reset of the Apple Watch did not stop the watch from alerting Farhan about his irregular heart beat. So he reportedly finally decided to visit a doctor and get himself checked. He went through several blood tests and also go an electrocardiogram (ECG) done.

The medical tests revealed that Farhan was suffering from ectopic rhythm, a condition which could lead to chemical imbalance. Apple Watch once again turned into the help that nobody asked for but is appreciated.

The Apple Watch is a great device especially for its almost accurate medical related features. An expensive device but definitely worth it.


Abhay Ram

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