Apple Watch Saves User From Drowning via Emergency SOS Feature

The Apple Watch’s Emergency SOS feature has proved to be a life-saver for a Chicago native who would have drowned if not for it.

Phillip Esho, in an interview with the WBMM, detailed how he was flipped over from a jet ski while riding in Lake Michigan. In the resulting chaos, his iPhone was lost and the waves kept him under even when he had a flotation device.

He then used his Apple Watch to activate the Emergency SOS feature for help. A few minutes later, a Chicago Police and Fire helicopter and boats came to rescue Phillip. Afterward, Esho stated that he wasn’t sure what he’d do or how he could get help without his Apple Watch.

Previous news about the Apple Watch touted the smart wearables’ Health and ECG capabilities, but in this case it’s about the Emergency SOS being put to good use.

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