Apple’s latest Watch model is getting accolades for having an excellent screen.

Apple Watch Series 4

The Society for Information Display (SID) gave the Apple Watch Series 4 “Display of the Year” title for significant advances in technology and outstanding features as part of the Display Industry Awards. The device is one of three that will be given the prestigious title for 2019.

SID has mentioned that the Series 4 screen is what defines Apple Watch, stating that the company has made a bigger display without increasing energy consumption or the case size. The organization also mentioned that narrow borders helped improve screen size by about 30% as compared to the previous Apple Watch model.

Joining the winner’s circle are the Crystal LED System by Sony and the microLED display by Samsung. The Display Industry Awards is made up of a panel of experts that examine a product based on commercial significance, potential for positive sociological impact and technical innovation.

The event will be held May 15 at the Convention McEnery Center in San Jose, CA.

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