Apple Watch SOS and Fall Detection Saves Mother of Three Following a Seizure


Apple Watch Series 4 is making significant contributions when it comes to saving lives. Today, a mother of three was saved when her Apple Watch alerted family members the moment she suffered a seizure.

Apple Watch SOS

News Corp Australia detailed that Kate Donald was given time to catch up on her rest when her husband brought their three kids out so she won’t be disturbed. At that moment, Kate had a seizure which triggered the fall detection on her Apple Watch. Emergency SOS sent notifications to her husband and alerted the family as to what happened.

Kate recalls that they bought the Apple Watch Series 4 when she was falling at a regular rate while being pregnant with her third child.

Fall detection is a new feature that was added to the series 4 Apple Watch. The device will know if an individual has fallen hard, and waits a minute before sending an SMS to emergency contacts and calling emergency services, alerting them to the individual’s location.


Samantha Wiley

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