Apple Watch could get vein detection feature in the future as per, suggests a freshly granted patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The company is known for filing patents from time to time for its breakthroughs in technology.

ECG Feature on Apple Watch

At present, Apple Watch works based on touch input from the user. It also, however, also features a scrollable button – the Digital Crown – which also provides some functionality for input.

However, it would be nice to have a hands free experience using the Apple Watch. The patent suggests that users may be able to use their Apple smartwatch without touching the screen of the Apple Watch. The patent filed by the company is titled  “Vein scanning device for automatic gesture and finger recognition.”

The patent details the working of the Apple Watch as saying that the vein detection system will be able to capture pictures of the user’s veins of the wrist. The imaging system will reportedly be able to understand various movements of the human hand.

The vein detection system will reportedly work by taking into account a lot of factors such as position of the veins, relative spacing of the veins, the shape, the blood flow, and the displacement. All of this data could then be used to perform specific custom actions based on the gesture of the user’s hand.

The system will very likely work on a Neural Net or a Machine Learning model which will be trained to understand various hand movements of humans. It could be a useful accessibility feature for Apple Watch. For quite sometime now, Apple has been ramping up its efforts to improve its accessibility features.

Apple Watch is the best smartwatch in the industry and no other smartwatch from the competition comes even close to giving it a run for its money.


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