A study about the Apple Watch’s ability to detect spiraling cognitive health is underway

A new study involving the iPhone and Apple Watch and how it can monitor cognitive performance, as well as check for declining cognitive health has recently been launched by biotech firm Biogen.

Apple has partnered up with BioGen for the study and is expected to run for multiple years. Both young and aged individuals will be partaking in the cognitive test. The objectives include finding biomarkers to help observe cognitive performance in time and check for signs of cognitive impairment.

Apple Watch's

Approximately 15 to 25 percent of adults aged 64 and above experience mild cognitive impairment. The symptoms are sometimes barely perceptible and can take months or years to identify and diagnose.

The BioGen-Apple study will observe privacy in data security, transparency and customer control aspects. A detailed consent form will be provided to participants and show them what kind of data will be collected and how it will be shared or used. Furthermore, it’s said that the data will be stored in secure servers.