Activity rings to be included in Kids Mode on Apple WatchOS 7


Earlier this month it was reported that the new Apple WatchOS 7 and the iOS 14 will include the Kids Mode. With this kid’s mode, the parents can set the Apple Watch for their kids using the iPhone. Each Apple Watch connects to a single iPhone which allows the parents to control their Apple Watches. It means the kids do not need to own the Apple Watch to use it. 

Activity Rings to be Included in Kids Mode on Apple WatchOS 7

With the latest update, it is expected that Apple’s upcoming watchOS 7 that includes a Kids Mode will now have Activity Rings. According to the sources at 9to5mac they found a code in the iOS 14 which shows the Apple Watch will incorporate activity rings with different labels and colors. 

The activity rings currently show three rings, red, blue and green. The red ring shows the calories a person burns. The green ring shows the exercise minutes and the blue shows the movement while standing. This activity rings for Kids Mode will not work in the same manner.  

The red ring will track move time, exercise time and also stand activity. It means that the Kids Mode will record the 50 minutes of activity instead of how many calories they burned. It allows the kids to focus on their activity time rather than their body image.

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