Tim Cook, Apple CEO responds to a thank you note that was sent to him for Apple Watch’s life saving features.

Apple Watch

Nitesh Chopra in India felt a chest discomfort and immediately consulted his Apple Watch 6 to get an ECG reading. He and his wife, Neha, went to a doctor for further check-up and discovered that there was an artery block. Chopra then received treatment and had the heart condition fixed. The couple were surprised at how accurate the watch’s ECG reading was compared to the ECG equipment in the hospital.

After the experience Nitesh sent Tim Cook an email and thanked him for saving his life. He said that in the beginning he used it as a fashion accessory and for step counting and time, and he couldn’t imagine how it helped him, health-wise.

Cook responded back, saying that he was glad that Nitesh got a medical evaluation and treatment he desired. The Apple CEO thanked the dentist for sharing his story and wished him well.


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