Apple launches Depth and Water Seal Test for Apple Watch Ultra users

A new support document was published today to let Apple Watch Ultra users know they can request a Depth and Water Seal Test.

The Depth and Water Seal Test will be conducted by Apple. In order to see if the watch’s seals and depth gauge are working, Apple will check for visible damage, see if the smartwatch is intact, then perform the water seal and depth gauge test.

Apple Watch

The Cupertino-based company warned that the watch may be compromised if there are ‘unseen damages’ to the device, as the Depth and Water Seal Test can turn the Apple Ultra inoperable. In this case, a replacement fee may be necessary.

Apple Watch Ultra owners can ask for the test through online support channels. There is no fee mentioned in the support document. However, users will need to send their Apple Watch models to Apple and wait between 7-10 business days to have it returned.