Apple lists two exclusive apps for Apple Watch Ultra

Apple has made two notable future app additions for its Apple Watch Ultra on the App Store- Depth and Siren.

‘Depth’ is an app that can be used for underwater activities, including free diving, snorkeling or just swimming. The Apple Watch Ultra will display submerge duration, maximum depth reached (40 meters), water temperature and current depth. The feature is automatically activated or manually launched.

Apple Watch

‘Siren’ is designed to help with emergency situations and when the user is injured or becomes lost. Pressing the Action button causes the Watch Ultra to emit a sound that can be heard up to 180 meters away.

The two apps are exclusive only to Apple Watch Ultra models, which won’t be released until September 23. Although the apps have been listed on the App Store, users can only download and install them if they have the Apple Watch Ultra. As a side note, the two apps will come pre-installed in every model.