Apple makes certified Refurbished Apple Series 5 Watches available for first time in the USA

Today Apple started selling the original and certified refurbished Apple Series 5 Watches in the USA. It is the first time Apple starts to sell the certified refurbished models of its Apple Watch Series 5. These watches are available at a 15% discount as compared to the original new watches.  

A variety of GPS + Cellular and GPS models are available for sale. Now the customers can purchase the Stainless Steel refurbished Apple Watch Series 5 with GPS + Cellular model with 4mm only for $639. The original price of this watch is $749. 

Apple Series 5 Watches

According to Apple, these watches are tested. Apple inspects these watches thoroughly and also cleans when packaging with the necessary accessories. Apple is packaging these watches with a power adapter and a magnetic charging puck. Apple ensures that the quality is exceptional. A normal person cannot identify the difference between the refurbished and the original product. 

Apple offers these refurbished watches with a one-year warranty. The customers can extend the warranty period for two years with AppleCare+ for Apple Watch. Apple did this for the first time in the USA. However, the customers can find several other sellers offering refurbished models of the Apple Watch Series with a price difference.