Apple has released a new video ad where the Apple Watch’s life-saving features are highlighted.

Apple Watch ‘911’ ad

Titled ‘Apple Watch Series 7 – 911’, the minute-long video starts off with the standard 911 spiel, ‘911 what’s your emergency?’ followed by three instances where the people needed help. The excerpts showed Jim, Jason and Amanda in real and incredibly difficult situations and had a suspense-filled tone throughout.

Near the end the ad revealed that the three of them were eventually saved, with Apple saying ‘these are just 3 of many incredible stories’ where the Apple Watch played an important role.

The ad touts the Apple Watch’s life-saving capabilities in emergencies where it’s impossible to get to your iPhone. The Emergency SOS, for instance, allows the user to speak with emergency services in-watch via the side button and going to the SOS slider on the screen.

Apple has also shared a tweet promoting the smartwatch’s fall detection feature in a separate post.


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