Apple publishes new information about its Depth app

A new support document featuring the new Depth app for the Apple Watch Ultra has been uploaded on Apple’s website.

Just days before the imminent launch of Apple Watch Ultra, Apple has provided new insights and details about the ‘extreme sports smartwatch’ and the Depth app. It’s best used for getting readings and data while the user is engaged in underwater activities, including current and maximum depth, water temperature and more.

Depth App

The limit of the Depth app maxes at 130 feet, or 40 meters deep. Apple says that the app does not provide gas analysis or decompression stop information. Furthermore, the Cupertino-based company recommends having another timer or depth gauge in the event of Apple Watch Ultra failure. To minimize personal injury, it’s said that the watch be used by trained divers, and explorations should be done with a buddy.

At the end of the dive session the watch will provide a summary for general knowledge and information.