Apple revamps Apple Watch online section

Apple has updated its online section for Apple Watch for easier shopping.

When visiting there is now more on-screen information on Apple Watch models. The user gets taken through a revised process where they can choose the size, case material, and more. Annotations have been mixed in the information to explain how a style could be a good fit.

Apple Watch

The new changes include a pop-up menu that compares two Apple Watch models in a side-by-side aspect. Available colors, finish descriptions, and specific weights, alongside recommendations, heighten the experience further. Detailed imagery has been added- angled views and front views have been complemented with closeup images for particular case materials.

Interested Apple Watch buyers can scroll to see the decisions made and check out the product they want. There’s still the ‘Compare All Models’ and ‘Which Apple Watch is right for you’ to cover everything else for a more informed buying decision.