Apple reveals new watchOS 7 Apple Watch faces

Apple has recently uploaded a video showing off the new Watch Faces that will come with the latest watchOS.

watchOS 7 will be released tomorrow along with the following Watch Faces:

Stripes. Users can change stripe and color numbers or rotate to match their clothes, support sports teams and more.

Memoji. The Memoji face reacts to touch input.

Artist. A Watch Face created by Jeff McFetridge. Animated faces are shown on time overlay.

Typograph. Numerals can be changed to rounded, modern or custom and in four scripts (Roman, Devanagari, Arabic Indic and Arabic).

Chronograph Pro. Has multiple time scale and a tachymeter that measures speed.

Count Up. Allows users to check time elapsed when they tap the bezel.

GMT. Shows multiple time zones and the user’s current location. The outer layer displays the 24-hour format while the inner one shows 12-hour local time.

Count Up, Chronograph Pro, Memoji, Typograph and Stripes are only available to Watch SE and Series 4 through 6 models.

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