Apple submits color-changing watch face patent

Apple recently submitted a new patent that has a future Apple Watch changing its watch face color in line with an object.

The patent, called ‘Electronic Devices with Color Sampling Sensors’, offers a degree of control in changing a watch’s face color. The company proposes that users can choose ‘from a pre-determined set of colors’ or have the device adapt to their particular choice. It further explained how the color of a ‘shown’ object, such as a shirt or watch band can make the sensor produce the same color and apply it on the display.

Apple Watch

The color sampling technology therefore allows the user to customize his or her watch display to match the color scheme. Before wearing it, the user can point the watch to a shirt, shoes, or car and the watch face will change accordingly.

‘Electronic Devices with Color Sampling Sensors’ is credited to six individuals, including Nicolas Bonnier, who worked on the LiDAR low light on the Vision Pro.