Apple touts health features in new Apple Watch 6 Ads


Apple has recently released two video ads to show off the Apple Watch Series 6 health features.

Apple Watch 6

The first video, titled ‘the future of health is on your wrist- Sleep’ features a woman who uses her Apple Watch to get better sleep quality. The 38-second ad blends in surreal camera effects to drive the point home. To achieve this, the woman says that her watch can set the mood and silence her phone as necessary.

In the second video, titled ‘the future of health is on your wrist- Workout’, a woman uses her Apple Watch Series 6 to keep track of her workouts while swimming. The 38-second video transitions from swimming pool to an ocean full of fish. To achieve this, she says the Workout app allow her to check distance, calories burned and laps done.

Both Apple Watch Series 6 ad videos are available to watch on Apple’s official YouTube channel.

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