Apple Watch 6 Titanium models see stock shortage


Apple enthusiasts looking to get an Apple Watch Series 6 Titanium model will have to wait a while longer, as they’re currently unavailable in US Apple Stores and major markets.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 6 titanium products are listed as ‘unavailable’ for delivery and retail store pick-up in most markets, including the US. This was noted by Mark Gurman in his latest ‘Power On’ newsletter.

There hasn’t been any reports of discontinuing the model, nor its shortage. Gurman, however theorizes that the shortage was due to Apple not having enough titanium models until the next Apple Watch series is launched. Due to its relatively higher price tag at $799 production may have been set to small amounts and expectations that they won’t sell as much as the standard models.

Gurman further surmised that the same could happen to titanium as it did the Edition models, which used real gold and ceramic materials at a higher price. As supply dwindles it could mean the end of the titanium model.

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