A protective case for your newest Apple Watch Series 7 is a must-have. Today, you can save $5 and get the OtterBox All Day Case for Apple Watch Series 7 for just $19.96 from its original price of $25 on Amazon.

Apple Watch Series 7 case Otterbox All-Day

Otterbox’s watch case contains antibacterial properties to keep the band odor-free, and it’s made with 90 percent recycled plastic so it’s good for the environment and those who are conscious.

Precision fit design makes all your Apple Watch’s functions available while preventing bumps, scratches and bruises from befalling the wearable’s crown, edges and display.

Otterbox’s all day case is sleek and classic enough that you can use it for your everyday tasks. It complements either a black band or colored ones perfectly, and at $5 off you can get massive savings in the process.

Grab the All Day Case for your Apple Watch Series 7 at a 20 percent discount today!


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