Apple’s Official Sport Loop is $17 Off

If you own an Apple Watch then it’s a safe bet to say that you also bought a few bands to match your mood and outfits. Today, you have a chance to save some money with new Sport Loop Bands, which are down to just $31.69 from their original prices of $49 on Amazon.

Sport Loops are advertised as soft and lightweight, which plays well for those who live an active lifestyle. Double-layer nylon weaves are tough and yet allow moisture to escape. This is a definite plus for those who use their Apple Watches as they run, cycle, or do their favorite activity.

Apple Watch Band

With a simple hook-and-loop fastener, you only need a few seconds to secure your Apple Watch to your wrist. These discounted bands can fit 145-220 mm wrists and can be used with 42, 44, and 45mm models. Get them in several color options for a more stylish you today!