Hermes removes leather Apple Watch Bands in Apple’s green shift

Popular fashion brand Hermes has pulled all Apple Watch Bands with leather material in anticipation of Apple’s announcement to go green.

The past several weeks have seen Apple rumored to be shifting away from leather to more sustainable materials. The replacement material is believed to be a woven composite fabric that offers user benefits. In a nod to the shift, Hermes has promptly removed all its leather-based bands from its online store. AirPods Pro cases, MagSafe wallets, and AirTag tags can still be seen on the digital storefront.

Apple Watch Bands

Currently, the Hermes leather watch bands can still be purchased on Apple’s online store. A dedicated section still exists and comes with different configurations along with the Hermes bands. The move coincides with rumors saying that Apple is selling out leather accessory stocks. Apple and Hermes might not be partners for long, or the luxury brand could be readying new band offerings for the upcoming Apple hardware.