Save 39% on the Apple Watch Modern Buckle in Garnet for Apple Watch Series 8

The beautiful and functional Apple Watch Series 8 deserves a switch in style every now and then. Today, you can get the Modern Buckle 40mm Band in Garnet for just $91.50 from its original price of $149 on Amazon.

The garnet color is a fairly neutral everyday color that works very well with the Apple Watch. Top-grain leather undergoes light tumbling and milling to attain a sophisticated texture. To give it added stretch and durability, the manufacturers have included an inner Vectran weave layer, which is the same material as NASA landing airbags.

Apple Watch Band

As for securing you get a two-piece magnetic enclosure that appears to be a buckle at first glance. The mechanism is very easy to secure and can be done in one hand. The Modern Buckle in Garnet fits 135mm to 150mm wrists and is made for Apple Watch models 38mm and 40mm.

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