Looking to get a stylish yet responsibly-sourced band for your smart wearable? LifeProof is offering its eco-friendly Apple Watch bands ‘Anchored Blue’ or ‘Moss Green’ for just $23.74 from its original price of $40 on Amazon.

LifeProof Eco Friendly Apple Watch Band

Contribute to a greener world by getting the LifeProof Eco Watch Band. It’s made from 99% ocean plastic yarn and in a recyclable packaging, to boot. It’s compatible starting with the Apple Watch Series 3 onwards and in the 38/40mm and the 42/44mm models as well.

A buckle closure secures the band and watch, and the strap has a water-resistant and colorfast material that’s comfortable to wear even during extended periods. Each purchase comes with a 1-year limited warranty and is 100% authentic.

LifeProof’s Eco Friendly Apple Watch Band is comfortable and great for Mother Earth. At 40% off, you get a unique band for your Apple branded smartwatch. Get it today!


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