Sport a New Look with the Apple Watch Leather Modern Buckle Band, Now $22 Off

Tired of wearing the same Apple Watch band over and over and need a refreshed look? You’ll want to check out the Apple Watch Modern Buckle Band. Today, it’s down to just $127 from its original price of $149 on Amazon.

The band’s material is made from a French tannery that’s in business since 1803. The Granada leather is supple and feels superbly premium when you’re wearing it. The band is also tumbled and lightly milled to produce that refined texture.

Apple Watch Leather Modern Buckle Band

To make the band more durable and last longer, Apple has added a Vectran wave inside, which is the same as NASA is using to make their landing airbags. Lastly, a solid buckle looks stylishly traditional, but instead of the classic mechanism it features a 2-piece magnetic closure system.

The Leather Modern Buckle is very functional and beautiful at the same time. At only $127, now is your chance to upgrade your Apple Watch. Buy it today!