The OtterBox All Day Case for Apple Watch is 50% Off

Getting extra protection for your Apple Watch doesn’t have to be so expensive. As it stands, you can buy the OtterBox All Day Case for Apple Watch, which is down to just $12.50 from its original price of $25 on Amazon.

The All Day Case is a godsend for those who want their Apple Watches extra durable and without scratches- the external watch case absorbs hits and bumps aimed at your smartwatch’s crown, edges, and display while being relatively slim.

Apple Watch

Antimicrobial technology is good for keeping away unwanted organisms, but the highlight is the material’s green nature. It’s 90% recycled plastic and has less impact on the environment than other cases.

OtterBox’s All Day Case is easy to install- just snap it on your Apple Watch without needing to remove the strap makes it the ideal protective accessory for daily use. At 50% off, every Apple Watch owner should get one today!