Pandora which is a popular music streaming service updated the App. In the latest update, it now supports Siri. Now the users can use Siri on the App to play albums, stations, podcasts, and songs.

Apple Watch App “Pandora”

Including support for Siri on the Apple Watch make it easy for the users to search the content. Now they do not have to rely on the iPhone to find specific content. It is also now easy for users to set preferences. They can now ask Siri to like or dislike the current song.

The Pandora app for iOS devices is better than many other apps. It is now gaining more popularity as it gives better music recommendations. The app has a shuffle station feature. It also has a feature using which the users can add specific content to a playlist using Siri. This feature is available only for premium subscribers. The following are the release notes for the app’s update.

  • Edit Shuffle Stations features available for premium users
  • Siri is available on the Apple watch. Now users can say, “Hey Siri, play “song name” on Pandora” The users can also tell Siri if the users like or dislike the song saying, “Hey Siri I do not like this song”

Users can download the Pandora App from Apple Watch App Store and iOS for free.


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