Apple Watch cellular model now available in New Zealand


The Apple Watch Cellular is now available to buy in New Zealand. In the New Zealand shop, the Series 5 and Series 3 models with cellular and Wi-Fi have appeared this week. Prices start at $929 NZ for the Series 5 and $549 NZ for the Series 3 smartwatch.

Apple Watch Cellular Model Now Available in New Zealand

Spark is currently the sole network service company that offers connectivity for Apple Watch users in New Zealand. Their wearable plan allows for unlimited data access for the Watch, along with cell phone text and minutes. As part of a promotion with the Apple Watch the company is offering the wearable plan free for three months.

The difference between a cellular and a non-cellular Apple Watch is that the wearer can send messages, make calls and use data even without the iPhone in their hands. The GPS model, on the other hand requires the user’s iPhone to be present.

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