Apple Watch Challenge ‘Health & Sports Day’ Set for October 14


In August, Apple has had the Grand Canyon National Park Activity Challenge for Apple Watch users. The next one is set on October 14, titled ‘Health and Sports Day’ challenge, which caters to Japanese users.

Apple Watch Challenge 'Health & Sports Day' Set for October 14

There’s no special kind of workout to do in this event. To participate and complete the challenge, all you need to do is log in 30 minutes of exercise and do any type of workout for that duration via the Workout app or by using an app that adds to Health. Once finished, you can get special stickers you can use on Messages and complete your Exercise ring on the smartwatch.

Apple has done these type of Challenges before- in April for Earth Day, the International Yoga Day in June and a special Activity Challenge in China. It’s a great way to gamify exercising and earning digital rewards as you work your way to being fit.

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