Apple Watch challenge sees Draymond Green and Tim Cook Facing Off

Michael Wolff
Apple Watch Challenge

The gauntlet has been thrown between Apple CEO Tim Cook and Draymond Green.

Green, a Golden State Warrior NBA player has sent out a tweet Tuesday, challenging Tim Cook to the Apple Watch Activity Challenge. Cook responded in kind and the game was underway.

Apple Watch Challenge

On Monday, Cook sent out a tweet early and showed how his morning workout was completed. He then asked Green if he was already up.

A few hours after Green showed up with an image of his progress, Cook responded by sending an image of him putting his shoes up a table saying how he was allowing Green to catch up. Afterwards, Green said that Cook shouldn’t take it easy on him and remarked on how he may have to ‘hit a two’ each day.

7 day activity competitions are available on the Apple Watch as a way to encourage them to stay fit and healthy. It’s unclear whether the challenge between Green and Cook is formal.