Apple Watch competitor Google ‘Pixel Watch’ launches 2022

A report from Business Insider claims that Google is planning to launch a smartwatch that will compete directly with the Apple Watch.

Google’s expansion into the smartwatch industry is set for 2022. The watch, tentatively titled ‘Pixel Watch’ is said to feature a bezel-less rounded face. Aside from the image renders there hasn’t been any other information divulged in the meantime.

The Apple Watch was first launched in 2016 and slowly received more features, specifically in the health and wellness genre. The ‘Pixel Watch’ is said to be the same, and might have advanced sensors to measure blood oxygen and ECG on the first model.

Business Report says internal data claims to target the masses, including details that the watch should be ‘comfortable to wear for at least 90% of the population’.

Internal testing among employees is well underway, and the 2022 planned launch date might be moved depending on user feedback.

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