Apple Watch confusion turns into Verizon bill shock for TikTok creator

A TikToker revealed that she was scammed into buying Apple Watches that ran up her Verizon bill.

@Meganmauk posted a Twitter video saying that her family upgraded their phones at a Verizon store and were given two Apple Watch models for free. They were told that it was a promo and that there wasn’t any ‘cell gear’ on them. Furthermore, the family was told that the wearable did not use cellular service.

Apple Watch

The TikToker received the watches, who gave one away and confirmed that there wouldn’t be any ‘strings attached’. A month later, the bill came up to around $600, and the truth was revealed- the Apple Watch SE did have cellular service despite the supervisor saying that there wasn’t.

Meg tried to have the watches returned but had the ‘worst experience of her life’. It’s not clear whether the situation has been resolved, but the post serves as a warning to consumers.