Apple Watch credited for potentially deadly heart attack

A woman in Michigan recently said that her Apple Watch alerted her to a high heart rate caused by a heart attack.

Norton Shores native Diane Feenstra experienced an unusually high heart rate reading on her Apple Watch on April 22. The measurement was 169 bpm, which prompted Diane to call her husband and make a trip to urgent care.

Tests confirmed that Diane had a heart attack which the Apple Watch alerted. As for the experience, she mentioned that there was swelling on her left foot and pain going down her left hand. Also, she had indigestion which she attributed to acid reflux.

Diane was given aspirin, and was told to visit the Meijer Heart. There, doctors saw she had blockage in her ‘widow maker artery’, prompting a stent procedure to have it fixed.

Feenstra said it was easy to check her heart rate through the Apple Watch, and if she wasn’t alerted the heart attack would have been deadly.

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