Apple Watch credited for saving 13-Year old in Oklahoma


News outlet KFOR reported today that a mother from Oklahoma credited her son’s Apple Watch in saving his life when it detected an unusually high heart rate.

Apple Watch Credited for Saving 13-Year Old in Oklahoma

Liz Joslin, Skylar’s mother received a notification that her son’s Apple Watch had registered a 190 BPM heart rate. Her son, Skylar texted and said he wasn’t doing anything to register a high rate.

Liz then took Skylar to a hospital, and there the doctors diagnosed him with SVT, or supraventricular tachycardia, which is a condition that gets the heart’s BPM up even during resting phase. A cardiac ablation was done to get the organ to become normal again.

The Joslin family was amazed at what technology could do and how the Apple Watch has made a significant impact on their lives. Skylar now wears his Apple Watch to school every day and has convinced a few people to get one for their own.

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