Apple Watch Credited in Saving Mountain Biker After Experiencing Fall

Fall Detection is a feature that’s available on the Series 4 and 5 Apple Watch. Recently, a man posted on Facebook how his father was saved after an unexpected fall while biking.

Gabe Burnett’s story currently has 200,000-plus shares, and told how his dad, Bob Burnett suffered a fall and prompted his Apple Watch to send out an emergency text to Gabe’s iPhone.

Fall Detection is a feature that automatically sends notifications to emergency contacts the moment it detects a hard fall. After a minute has passed and the contact doesn’t dismiss the alert, emergency services is activated and notified of the wearer’s last location and time of fall.

Fall Detection

The moment Bob fell, the Apple Watch was triggered and he was found without delay. Bob was then taken to the hospital, and after CT scan and X-Rays showed he was okay, Gabe posted on Facebook to encourage others to set up their Watch’s Fall Detection feature.

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