Apple Watch Data Shows Majority of Buyers are First Time Customers

CNBC reports that most Apple Watch buyers are first time users and not upgraders of previous models. 70 percent of them are new customers, while 30 percent are upgrading from older models.

Apple mostly focuses on innovation and bringing new features, such as cellular connectivity, fall detection, ECG, swim tracking, GPS and recently, an always-on display, but the Series 4’s redesign hasn’t convinced most Apple Watch owners to upgrade.

Apple Watch owners to upgrade

The market has slowed down in a way that buyers are making the most out of their Apple Watch purchase. Also, Apple Watch Series 1 and beyond are still getting watchOS version updates.

It’s worthy to note that the report doesn’t include the latest Apple Watch Series 5, which should be available and shipped to customers Friday, September 20. Entry price has been lowered as well- the Series 3 is now just $199, which is the same price as Fitbit’s fitness tracker.

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