Apple Watch designer shares fascinating details revealing history of Apple Watch


Apple Watch designer Imran Chaudhri shared some photos revealing how he designed Apple watch. He spent almost 20 years with Apple and he helped Apple design and create some of the best products such as Apple Watch, iPad, and iPhone. 

Apple Watch designer

Earlier he shared some details through his Twitter account that highlight the history of Apple Watch. He shared the details of designing Apple Watches’ features and faces. He left Apple in 2017 and is currently VP of product engineering in the company known as Humane. 

He shared fascinating details which included sketches and the user interface of the Apple Watch. He also shared the photo of the launch day of the Apple Watch. He also shared the original sketch of the home screen. He also shared in his tweet that the digital touch was originally known as E.T. or electronic touch. 

He also shared a tweet saying that he created a solar watch face to help Muslims to quickly see positions of the sun and to see the sun’s position during Ramadan. It also helped teach everyone else how the sun and time were connected.

Imran also revealed that his first Apple Watch prototype was built on the 6th Generation Nano-Strapped watch-like iPod. 

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