Apple Watch double tap feature added to watchOS 10.1 beta

The popular feature ‘double tap’ has been added to the second beta version of watchOS 10.1.

‘Double Tap’ is a new feature for the Apple Watch Ultra 2 and Apple Watch Series 9, and works by having the user tap his or her thumb and index finger to call up commands to their Apple Watch models. Fine movements are detected via the sensitive sensors embedded in the smartwatches, and it registers as a display tap to an extent.

Apple Watch

Some of the use cases for Double Tap include ending or answering a call, pausing and playing music, turning an alarm off, and other single-tap actions. It’s a convenient option for when the user has his or her other hand full, such as holding another item, for example. Double Tap works with the S9 chip, which is exclusive to the Apple Watch Ultra 2 and Apple Watch Series 9.