Apple Watch ECG arrives in 30 regions

Apple’s promise to bring its ECG feature for the Apple Watch to the world is slowly coming to fruition, with watchOS 7.6 being released to 30 more regions.

watchOS 7.6 was launched through the official Apple website and adds the ECG functionality to the Vatican City, Ukraine, St Vincent & Grenadines, St Martin, St Kitts & Nevis, St Helena, St Barthelemy, Slovenia, Seychelles, Norfolk Islands, Nauru, Montserrat, Monaco, Jersey, Isle of Man, Haiti, Guernsey, Guadeloupe, Gibraltar, French Southern Territories, Fiji, Estonia, Dominica, Cyprus, Cook Islands, Bulgaria, Brunei, Antigua & Barbuda, Anguilla and Andorra.

Apple Watch ECG

Access to irregular heart rhythm notifications have also been unlocked, which allows Apple Watch owners to get alerted of any potentially dangerous conditions, including atrial fibrillation through the Heart Rate app.

The ECG feature is available on Apple Watch Series 6, Series 5 and Series 4. The last region to get ECG functionality was Australia back in May this year.