Apple Watch’s ECG is not as elaborate and sensitive as the ECG that you get in a hospital. However, a story in an article in the Europe Heart Journal tells that the Apple Watch of an eighty-year-old woman detected a heart condition that was not detected by the hospital’s ECG. 

Apple Watch

As reported by 9to5mac the woman had complaints of irregular heart rhythm, chest pain, and also she felt lightheadedness. The doctors then performed a 12-channel ECG on her. The ECG did not reveal any evidence of a condition known as Ischemia. It is a condition that occurs when the flow of blood towards the heart is reduced. In such a condition, the heart muscles do not receive enough oxygen. 

The woman showed the results of her Apple Watch ECG to the doctors at the hospital which had “tracings marked ST-segment depression.” The doctors then studied the results of the Apple Watch ECG and confirmed evidence of myocardial ischemia. 

Apple Watch showed the results which the hospital’s ECG did not pick up. The recordings of the Apple Watch confirmed the doctors of the condition and then they treated the woman and left the hospital the next day.  

The report in the Europe Heart Journal concludes by mentioning that Apple Watch is reliable for detecting myocardial ischemia. Apple Watch can be used to detect atrial fibrillation. The report ends with the sentence:

“An apple a day may keep myocardial infarction away”


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