A Saint Petersburg native was saved by her Apple Watch when she fell and had an accident.

Apple Watch

Raylene Hackenwerth took a fall and was in a near-unconscious state, but thankfully she was wearing her Apple Watch. The device detected a fall and auto-dialed emergency services after not ‘hearing’ a response from the wearer. Paramedics followed the location and came to help the elderly woman and have her checked at a hospital.

After an examination it was found that Hackenwerth had a mass in her lungs, which was discovered to be cancerous. Hackenwerth credited the wearable as an instrument that saved her life, and said it was fortunate that she went to the hospital or else the lung cancer would have been in an advanced stage.

WFTS learned that Hackenwerth received the Apple Watch as a Christmas gift from her son and as a way to track workout. She wasn’t aware that it had a fall detection feature until the accident.


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