Apple Watch finds undetected heart blockage in wearer

A woman recently shared how her life was saved with an Apple Watch.

Elain Thompson was recommended an Apple Watch as part of her post-diagnosis treatment in 2018. The device recently sent out an alert that something was amiss while reading her heart rhythm, which then prompted her to visit a cardiologist. She was given a heart monitor to wear for a week.

Apple Watch

The monitor proceeded to send a hospital alert at one time when Thompson’s heart stopped while she was sleeping. Under further scrutiny, she was diagnosed with heart blockage and outfitted with a pacemaker.

Thompson credits her Apple Watch with the discovery, saying “It saved my life.” She told The Independent that “It was so scary knowing I could have died” when her heart stopped for 19 seconds.

The ECG app can detect irregular heart rhythms and can be found in the Apple Watch Series 4 or newer.