A post on Reddit detailed how the Apple smartwatch saved an owner from bleeding to death.

Apple Watch

‘Digitalmofo’ recounted the event, saying that the wearable notified him of a medical issue via alert. He said that he had a quick nap and awoke to notifications on both his Apple Watch regarding a fast pulse rate. He tried to get the pulse down but without any success. Then, a video call with a doctor had the user check his oxygen level and timing, and then called 911 for a medical emergency.

The hospital staff initially ruled out a heart attack after being diagnosed with GI bleeding. ‘Digitalmofo’ then did a follow-up and mentioned that five pints of blood were lost and he had a slew of health conditions, including duodenitis, hiatal hernia, gastritis, and esophagitis. The Reddit user thanked the blood donors, nurses, doctors, and staff who were there during the emergency.


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