Apple Watch iPhone-Finding capabilities featured in new ad

Apple has outed a new video about the Apple Watch and how it could find an iPhone in a haystack.

Titled ‘Haystack’, the video is only about a minute long and tells the story of a rancher who looks at a huge stack of hay, pulls out his Apple Watch and activates the ping feature to make his iPhone alarm. Then, he pulls out his smartphone and blows out the hay debris before returning to his truck.

Apple Watch iPhone

In the description, Apple said ‘an iPhone that’s lost is easily found. Relax, it’s iPhone + Apple Watch’. The background music is Kitty Wells’ ‘Searching (for Someone Like You)’

The ping search feature is one of the most useful items in an Apple Watch. Users can save time and find their iPhones faster compared to having to look for it with their eyes.

The video ad can be viewed at the official Apple YouTube channel.