Apple Watch monitoring helps discover rare cancer in 12-Year-Old

A rare type of cancer was recently discovered in a child, thanks to the Apple Watch’s heart monitoring system.

Imani Mile, a young girl, had her Apple Watch showing high heart rate alerts which prompted the family to visit the hospital. There, Imani was diagnosed with appendicitis, and during the procedure, the doctors found a neuroendocrine, which was rare for her age.

Apple Watch

Upon further scanning, they discovered that it had spread to other parts of her body. Imani underwent cancer-removal surgery at the CS Mott Children’s Hospital. Afterwards, the family mentioned how it may not have been found out if she didn’t have the Apple Watch.

Apple’s smart wearable had been credited numerous times for saving lives. In July, doctors discovered a rare heart tumor after the user received numerous atrial fibrillation warnings multiple times. The technology is also present in the newly-launched Apple Watch Ultra and the Apple Watch Series 8.