Apple Watch owners can measure their ‘Frailty’ according to a Stanford study

The Stanford University recently published a study on how the Apple Watch could measure a person’s ‘frailty’.

The institute, in partnership with Apple suggested that ‘frailty’ may be measured by having the subject undergo a 6MWT, or 6 minute walking test, which is a standard for evaluating exercise capacity and functional mobility. The higher the score, the more healthy the subject’s neuromuscular, circulatory, respiratory and cardiac functions.

Apple Watch

The study worked with more than a hundred Veterans Affairs individuals with cardiovascular conditions. The Apple Watch 3 was used to measure the vitals as they underwent the 6 minute walking test, then the same procedure was done with standard in-clinic equipment.

It was discovered that the Apple Watch was fairly accurate in terms of measuring within a clinical setting (up to 85% specificity and 90% sensitivity), and in an unsupervised setting (up to 60% specificity and 83% sensitivity). An app called ‘VascTrac’ was used to collect the 6MWT data.