Apple Watch Saves British Dad’s Life By Detecting His Heart Condition

Apple Watch health features, like the ECG and heartbeat detection have saved more than a few lives since it came out. Today, a British father has avoided a potentially fatal condition, thanks to the watch’s notifications.

Chris Mint, father of two checked himself and told doctors that his Apple Watch was showing Afib pop-ups. Initially, the medical experts were skeptical but when their own machines confirmed the condition, they immediately went into action.

Mint then went on to have a corrective heart surgery, with the doctors saying how he could have gone to suffer a heart attack or stroke if the procedure wasn’t done. After the incident, Chris’ wife shared her husband’s story to Apple CEO Tim Cook.

According to the Sun, Chris is a 30-year old fitness fanatic, which emphasizes how the device could help anyone, no matter their age or activity level.

ECG is only available on Apple Watch Series 4 and above.

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